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PVT 400/1000 Full Visibility
The phase behaviour equipment PVT 400/1000 Full Visibility can be used to analyse different G.O.R. reservoir fluids as crude oil, volatile oil, gas condensate and gas under high pressure and temperature conditions. It can also be used for asphaltenes deposition measurement and gas hydrates studies.
  Hãng sản xuất: Sanchez Technologies

The phase behaviour equipment PVT 400/1000 Full Visibilitycan be used to analyse different G.O.R. reservoir fluids as crude oil, volatile oil, gas condensate and gas under high pressure and temperature conditions. It can also be used for asphaltenes deposition measurement and gas hydrates studies.

The equipment can measure pressures, temperatures and volumes automatically and record them by data acquisition processing. It can be used to measure bubble or dew point and gas/liquid interface. The motorized PVT cell can be swaved and returned for oil or gas studies.

In addition, the equipment offers full visibility of fluid behaviours in real time thanks to a window added to a CCD camera.


Full visual PVT 400mL/1000 bar cell

  • Maximum working pressure : 1000 bar
  • Working temperature range : ambient to 200°C
  • Volume : 400 mL
  • Visual volume : 400 mL
  • Accuracy on measurements:

    • Pressure : 0.1 bar
    • Temperature :+/- 0.1°C
    • Liquid deposits : 0.005 mL
    • Bubble/dew point-repeatability : +/- 0.35 bar
  • Resisting corrosive abilities :

    • CO2
    • H2S

Constant temperature control system

Motorized piston displacement pump

Stirring by magnetic coupling




Automatic valves

Control cabinet

Calibrated pressure sensor and temperature sensor

CCD digital video camera 6M pixels

Data acquisition and processing system

High pressure valves, pipes and filters

Back pressure regulator CVD valves (option)

Phase state processing software (option)

Uninterruptible power supply (option)

Cooling system for PVT cell -20°C (option)

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