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The climatic thermal shocks have been designed and developed to meet the strictest test standards with extreme thermal conditions from -90 °C to +220 °C.
The transfer between cabinets is carried out in less than 10 seconds and the samples are subjected to thermal shocks as many times as necessary because the entire SCAL line has a standard fitting of automatic defrosting.
The baskets for the vertical shocks are moved using their own linear cylinders fitted with a brake for precise and protected positioning, without any external excess size. Guides are used to avoid any vibration during the movements between cabinets.
All our thermal shocks use the latest technological innovations.
ESS Mode + 180 to -90 °C: In addition to thermal shock tests, the entire SCAL line makes it possible to use the cold cabinet or the basket independently for Environmental Stress Screening. The variation speeds are between 10 and 30 °C/minute depending on the models. It is possible to combine ESS and thermal shock tests within a single cycle.
Every customer has their aspirations...
Standard or customised? The different proposed volumes and powers are adapted to different applications. The vertical SCAL CTR line, because of its foot print, its mobility and its low sound levels, is perfectly adapted to laboratories, whereas the SCAL CTH horizontal line is more adapted to production sites requiring heavy loads combined with continuous operation.
An ingenious design makes it possible for you to carry out 3 cabinets shocks tests using 2 cabinets shocks.
SCAL thermal shocks are entirely manufactured on our site in Bordeaux. This production unit manufactures over 700 environmental chambers per year and makes it possible for us to design and adapt our models to your constraints.
... and they are all as demanding!
The samples to be tested are positioned on the shelf or shelves in the basket that passes alternatively from a cold cabinet to a hot cabinet, thus creating thermal shocks.
Several regulation systems are available, either on the “air” sensor, or on the “basket” sensor, or even, optionally, on a sensor directly placed in proximity to the product (“product” sensor).
A double flow air ventilation guarantees perfect homogeneity in each cabinet and guarantees the heating/cooling to reach the required temperature more quickly.

Thermal shocks are designed to carry out tests compliant with standards :

  • DIN-IEC-60068-2-14
  • JESD22-A104D
  • MIL-STD-202G
  • MIL-STD-750E
  • MIL-STD-810G
  • MIL-STD-883H


A large solution of option are available, for examples :

  • Heated porthole logical cabinet
  • Intermediate cabinet temperature (3 cabilnet shocks) from -30°C to +20°C
  • Temperature extension to +220°C in the hot cabinet
  • Hinges on the right
  • Onboard air drier
  • Nitrogen sweep with flow meter
  • Sound alarm on functions (end of cycle or fault)
  • Light column
  • Independent min/max double safety
  • Variable ventilation speed drive in the cold cabine (ESS mode)
  • Additional product sensor regulation (mobile)
  • Additional measurement card (24 channels PT100 / 16 channel thermocouples) / HP 20 central channels, 16 input-output dry contacts)
  • Type IEEE 488 digital communication
  • Cable guide
  • Supervision
  • Notched cabinet passage

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