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The EXCAL range represents the whole Climats's expertise in 8 standard test volumes. You can optimize your environmental test chamber by combining standard accessories and measuring devices. Find out this Hot - Cold environmental test chamber …
Enhance your test laboratory thanks to the modern design, and pure and elegant lines of the new EXCAL.
The most advanced technology
EXCAL is equipped with a 15 inch capacitive multitouch Panel PC, an SSD memory, Windows 7 and 2 USB ports. It therefore includes all of the latest technological advances.
Even greater connectivity: you have the possibility of networking your equipment, developing automatic functions,and having a completely upgradeable machine. Your connections are now completely centralised on the User Interface Panel (UIP).
A vast range: choose the foot print suitable for your work space.
Choose your cooling mode
Your chamber can be equipped with a water or aircooled condenser.
Improved sound insulation and more stable performances, regardless of the ambient temperature of your test room.
Installing an EXCAL environmental test chamber equipped with an air-cooled condenser in your work space couldn’t be easier, all you need is an electrical connection.

EXCAL integrates the reference control system SPIRALE 3

The new control panel benefits from the latest industrial innovations :

  • Swivelling panel PC equipped with Windows 7
  • 15" capacitive multitouch screen, IP66
  • SSD memory
  • 2 USB ports and a network connection in front of the chamber with an automatic detection

Centralised connections : User Interface Panel (UIP)

Attentive to the user comfort and driven by our desire to continuously improve our products, we have created a space entirely dedicated to your connections. A panel positioned on the side of the chamber is provided for this purpose.

As standard, you have :

  • a safety socket
  • a thermal fuse
  • status indicators
  • 4 dry contacts that can be configured in Spirale 3

Other innovations :

  • 2 mobile sensors for closer regulation of yours products
  • an RS232 connector
  • 4 analogical inputs/outputs that can be configured in Spirale 3
  • an Ethernet connection to control your chamber remotely

EXCAL also has :

  • Large window
  • Halogen inside light
  • Shelves and racks
  • 2 side portholes of 80mm diameter with soft silicone stoppers
  • Centralized inputs-outputs
  • Chamber on casters
  • Safety socket (as an option)

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