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TOTUS - DGA, Partial Discharge, Bushing Monitoring and Through Fault Current in one powerful unit.
TOTUS (Transformer Monitoring System ) combines revolutionary technologies with cutting-edge software and diagnostics to create the world’s leading transformer monitoring system.
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About Camlin Power

Camlin operates with the vision of bringing revolutionary products to life for a wide range of industries, including power and rail, and also has interests in a number of R&D projects in a variety of scientific sectors.

At Camlin we believe in high quality engineering and design, allowing us to develop market leading products and services. In short, we love creating value for our customers by solving difficult problems.

As of today, the Camlin operation spans over 20 countries across the globe.



Transformer Monitoring system

Camlin give to the customers a complete solution for power transformer monitoring including:

- 9 (5) gas DGA and Moisture (PAS technology)

- PD monitoring: PD in tank and Bushing

- Bushing monitoring: leakage current, tan delta and capacitance monitoring

- Temperature/ Hot spot monitoring

- Through Fault Current  monitoring

 with effective analysis tools according IEC and related standards into a stainless steel cabinet with IP 56 and climatic control solution.

With multri trans solution, the customers can use one TOTUS unit to monitoring 3 three phases power transformer or 3 single phase power transformer.

With TCM (TOTUS Communication Module) module, the customer can access to TOTUS unit anywhere by smart phone or laptop or others with out any software and license.


With Through Fault Current monitoring function, the customer have an effective tool for calculating the remain healthy of the insulation system and support to CBM.


Fleet View Appication for Transformer Condition Ranking


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