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Bể dưỡng điểm ba của nước 7312
For frequent use of traditional-size triple point of water cells, nothing helps save you time and hassle like a good maintenance bath. The 7312 Triple Point of Water Maintenance Bath keeps your cells up and running reliably for weeks at a time—even during heavy usage
  Hãng sản xuất: Fluke

Keep your cells up and running reliably for weeks at a time

  • Maintains TPW cells for up to six weeks
  • Optional immersion freezer for simple cell freezing
  • Independent cutout circuit protects cells from breaking

Maintain two triple point of water cells for weeks in a Fluke Calibration 7312 temperature bath or maintain Gallium cells for your fixed point calibrations. This temperature bath can be used as a calibration bath from –5 °C to 110 °C

General Specifications

Range –5 °C to 110 °C
Stability ±0.001 °C at 0 °C (alcohol-water mix) 
±0.004 °C at 30 °C (alcohol-water mix)
Uniformity ±0.003 °C at 0 °C (alcohol-water mix)
±0.006 °C at 30 °C (alcohol-water mix)
TPW Duration Six weeks, typical (assumes correctly formed ice mantle)
Set-Point Accuracy ±0.05 °C at 0 °C
Set-Point Repeatability ±0.01 °C
Display Resolution ±0.01 °C
Set-Point Resolution ±0.002 °C; 0.00003 °C in high-resolution mode
Access Opening 121 x 97 mm (4.75 x 3.8 in)
Immersion Depth 496 mm (19.5 in)
Volume 19 liters (5 gallons)
Communications RS-232 included
Power 115 VAC (±10 %), 60 Hz or 230 VAC (±10 %), 50 Hz, specify
Size (HxWxD) 819 x 305 x 622 mm (12 x 24.5 x 32.25 in)
Weight 34 kg (75 lb.)

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